Little Mermaid Cake



This is the birthday cake I did for my cousin last week. She wanted “Little Mermaid” and sent me a picture of a gorgeous cake with a large 2 dimensional Ariel on top. I figured I could do the cake part, but I let her know that I didn’t think I could pull off Ariel… least something recognizable as Ariel! However, after a little internet research,  I came up with a new way of re-creating characters like this and I’m really happy with how it turned out. First I printed out a picture of the character I wanted, in the size I wanted. I rolled out a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste, laid my picture on top and poked holes with a pin around the perimeter. I removed the paper and cut out the shape with an exacto knife. This became my base that I laid all other pieces on. I continued the process for each different color in the picture and then pieced them together on top of my base and attached them with sugar glue. Finally, I drew in the details and outlined Ariel with an edible marker. All the other decorations are made from modeling chocolate. Happy Birthday Taylor!


Under the Sea

One of the simpler cakes I’ve done, I still love this one for its color. This is a design you can just have fun with. I started with a basic idea of the things I wanted to include (treasure box, shark fins, octopus, fish, lots of seaweed and starfish) and then just had fun placing them on the cake as I went. I used the back of a spoon of create the waves on top. Except for the shark fins, this cake is decorated entirely with buttercream. It is chocolate chip cake and cookies and cream filling inside.