Nerf Birthday


Here are some cute Nerf cupcakes I did for a little boy’s 5th birthday. I just cutout fondant circles in different sizes and layered the other decorations on top. It was based on a photo sent by his mom, but unfortunately I don’t know who to credit for it. If you know, please feel free to add it to the comments!


Wedding Cake Replica


This cake was done for a 50th wedding anniversary and was a replication of the couple’s original wedding cake. The original was actually much bigger. It had another (very large) tier on the bottom that we left off, but otherwise I tried to stay as accurate as possible. It was a really fun project and I was so happy to make this cake for such a happy event.

The toughest part was trying to get a bell topper and curved lattice decorations since these are not commonly used on cakes anymore. I did find some wedding bell toppers, but none that looked like the picture I was trying to copy. The bells on this cake were originally attached to a giant heart covered in lace and ruffles. I basically tore it apart and then put it back together without all the extra “fluff”. The next challenge was the lattice. We assumed that the lattice in the original cake was made of plastic but, though I searched the internet high and low, I could not find anything like it. So I decided to make my own. This involved some royal icing stringwork and pvc pipe cut length-wise to use as a mold. My dad helped me cut the pipe, but please don’t ask how we did it. If you want a video on how to NOT safely cut pvc pipe, I think we probably made it.

Racing Fan


This birthday cake was decorated to show this guy’s love for racing. The car on top is a (sort of) replica of his very own race car. It’s fondant covered rice krispy treat. The top tier is black and white checkerboard with the chevy logo in front, and what racing themed cake is complete without flames? I’ve done flames in the past by layering yellow, orange and red fondant. It works, but it comes out looking kind of thick and heavy. I wanted these flames to be much more delicate. I chose a design that had very thin flames to start with, then used the template to hand-cut the design out of yellow fondant. After (VERY carefully) transferring the cut flames onto the cake (there may or may not have been swear words involved here), I hand painted layers of orange and red gel color onto the yellow fondant. I liked this look much better than layering different colors of fondant. I’ve really been enjoying hand painting cakes with icing color…….I definitely need to do more of that.


Cake Recap

Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on the last couple months. Enjoy!

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Super Sweet 1st Communion

1st Communion

This 1st Communion cake was done for my good friend’s daughter. She’s a super sweet little girl and I was so happy I could help make her special day a little extra special. She picked out the design herself and,  I have to say, she has excellent taste. I love everything about this cake design. It’s clearly a 1st communion cake, but in a very beautiful way, without a big obnoxious “Happy 1st Communion” smacking you in the face. Love the colors, love the way we added her name to personalize it, love how cheery it is… get the picture.

March Madness

It really has been caking madness around my house for the last month. The dishwasher has never been worked so hard. I haven’t even managed to find time to post the creations I’ve been working on all month. So here they all are in one giant picture post to prove that I have, in fact, been doing something around here.



Melissa's 40th

Geronimo Stilton

Morgan's 4th

Angry Trojan



Oops, Someone Got Old

Norm's 60th 1-8-15

My husband’s good friend celebrated his 60th birthday this month and like any true friend, he took the opportunity to poke fun at his age. Fans of SNL will remember the spoof commercial for “Oops I Crapped My Pants”. If you’ve never seen it, please look it up. It will make you laugh and brighten your day. This cake is a bag of “Oops I Crapped My Pants” adult diapers and I did my best to copy the actual product from the commercial. My husband gave me a whopping 3 days notice to pull this one off so there are details I wish I could have added (or done better)  if I’d had more time. Of course, I think that about almost every cake I do. There’s always more to add or fix or change, but eventually you just have to stop and EAT IT already! The cake was proudly delivered to his office for everyone to see and enjoy. He appreciated the humor and everyone got to enjoy a laugh and some good chocolate cake.

Simple Natural November Wedding

simple, natural weddingI really love the natural, simple wedding themes that so many people are doing right now. That is exactly the style of wedding this cake was made for. The different textures on all the tiers really add interest and make it stand out. The top is covered in shredded coconut, the middle tier is piped roses and the bottom is textured buttercream. The burlap and twine on the borders add an additional layer of texture and a wood round base completes the look from top to bottom.

Halloween Baby Shower


If you’re going to have a baby shower  close to Halloween then why not just go all in? That’s what this mama-to-be did and I think her design turned out fantastic. The ghost is Rice Krispy Treat covered in fondant. The cake is orange chiffon with vanilla buttercream and modeling chocolate accents.

Melissa and Brian’s Wedding

melissa's wedding 10-11-14 (2)

I can honestly say this was the funnest cake I’ve ever stayed up until midnight working on. We were out of town for my sister’s wedding and staying at a rental home with my family. My sister was with us the night before the wedding and she stayed up with me while I finished this baby up. She was great company. The delivery caused me a little heartache, but repairs were made, a little damage was hidden in the back, and as you can see from the picture it all turned out fine in the end. Add in some delicious cupcakes made by her new sister-in-law Kim and a cute printed menu and we had a  really pretty little dessert table.

melissa's wedding 10-11-14 (3)

The top two tiers are Irish Car Bomb (chocolate stout cake with whiskey ganache and Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream filling with Bailey’s buttercream frosting). The frosting was colored gray and then dusted with a silver pearl dust. The bottom tier is white velvet with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. I wrapped the sides of the bottom tier in a thin layer of fondant and then covered the entire thing in folded ruffled flowers attached with royal icing. 3 white, gumpaste flowers and a white pedestal borrowed from mom finished off the look. It looked great with the white hydrangeas on all the tables.

We love Brian and are so glad he’s part of our family now. It was such a fantastic night with an amazing group of friends and family there to celebrate. Congrats again you two!