Sweet 16

 2-10-13 (1)

This cake is buttercream with fondant zebra stripes on the top tier and royal icing polka dots on the bottom tier. The cake board and both tiers are trimmed with black and purple satin ribbon. The topper is made up of about a dozen royal icing roses.

Most people like fondant for the smooth, polished  look it gives a cake. I completely agree!. But it is possible to get a really clean look with buttercream, too. It takes a lot of practice, and I still have a lot of room for improvement, but it’s funny how satisfying it can be when your buttercream comes out really smooth and the edges are sharp. Kind of like learning the fundamentals of any sport, it’s a pretty basic skill, but perfecting it makes a huge difference is the finished product.

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

“This Is Your Life” – 40th Birthday


OK, bear with me because there is a LOT to see on this cake. It’s gotta be tough to narrow down 40 years into just a few special milestones and achievements, but this guy’s wife did a fabulous job coming up with all of the items included on this cake. I was able to represent his own birth, marriage and the births of his children, work and school achievements and hobbies all in edible form.


This was a great crash course for me in 3D fondant modeling as well. I will do teddy bears anytime! They’re so easy and they just turn out so darn cute every time.




This was also a good lesson in cake design. Figuring out where to put everything was as challenging as the cake itself. To solve that problem I made a small top tier and “steps”out of rice krispy treats covered in buttercream just have to have more room to place things. With so many different elements and colors going on, I used a simple black and white back drop for the cake itself.

It’s Graduation Time!

This year I had THREE cousins graduating from high school and was fortunate to be asked to make a separate cake for all of them. Haley and Macey had a party together and each designed their own cake. They are so different and yet I still can’t decide which is my favorite.

Joe’s cake was the very first 3 tier cake I’ve done. As always, it was so fun adding all of the custom decorations that make each cake so pesonal. I created the track and field symbol by using one of his team’s t-shirts as a template. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the fondant football and basketballs are textured using a real football and basketball.