Nature Lovers Bridal Shower

This nature themed bridal shower cake was done for my husband’s cousin last month. Both her wedding and bridal shower followed this theme and all the decorations were done beautifully to match. My sister had a nest with lovebirds as her wedding cake topper and gave me the idea for this one. The nest is made from chow mein noodles, shredded coconut, shredded wheat and chocolate. I painted the heart and arrow on the bottom tier with brown icing color gel. It’s the first time I tried painting on buttercream and it’s something that could definitely be fun to use on future projects. Thanks for looking!

Heather's Bridal Shower 9-21-14


Chef’s Night Out

Chef's Night Out 6-21-14

Recently, my local United Way hosted an event called Chef’s Night Out that included a Dessert Auction. I always love the opportunity to help with fundraising events and decorating cakes has given me a great way to do that. This donated cake was White Velvet Raspberry with Champagne Buttercream. I wasn’t able to attend the event, but heard it was a very successful night. This cake also gave me a chance to practice this vertical ruffle, which I will be doing for another event this summer. Keep checking back for that!

Simple Sunflowers



This 2 tier cake is decorated with textured buttercream in a horizontal swirl, modeling chocolate sunflowers and a simple, modeling chocolate border with embossed stitching. I think textured buttercream combined with very minimal decorations has such a nice effect. The pop of yellow from the sunflowers makes it feel just like summertime! Inside is Freckled Mocha with Chocolate Buttercream and Vanilla with Lemon.

Sweet Bee Honeycomb



Here’s the cake I did last weekend for an anniversary party. Each tier is a different cake flavor frosted smooth in buttercream. Once the buttercream was set and well chilled I spread on a shiny clear sugar glaze to give it the “sticky” look of real honeycomb. Then I cut wide bands of fondant to the fit the circumfrence and height of each tier. I used a small hexagon cutter to cut out the design and then wrapped the fondant around the tiers using Jessica Harris’s wax paper transfer method. Check out her class on if you’d like to learn more this. I spread a little more sugar glaze over the fondant for some texture. The bees are made out of dark modeling chocolate with melted white chocolate drizzled on top. The wings are made from gumpaste. A piped buttercream border finished off the look. Love, love, love this one!

Black Clamshell and Daisies


Every year my kid’s school hosts a dinner and auction fundraiser. They always include a dessert auction with dozens of different delicious items up for bid. This cake was my contribution to this year’s event. It is a maple cake with maple buttercream filling covered in homemade vanilla fondant and decorated with white chocolate daisies. As always, with a cake project that I donate or do for my own family, I tried out a new skill. This time it was stenciling. I chose this very small clamshell design and first attempted to “paint”on royal icing just like you would when using regular paint with a stencil. The result was very messy and unevenly distributed icing. In the end, I used the stencil and a pin to mark the pattern on the fondant and then piped over it free-hand with the royal icing. It was not the skill I was hoping to master, but I did get some good piping practice and the finished look was much better.

Just For Fun


I had a bunch of leftover cake, frosting and fondant from some recent projects and a break in orders, so I decided to have a little fun. This ruffle cake design is pretty popular right now and something I’ve been wanting to try out. I sprayed the top tier silver and piped the monogram with royal icing. I used both fondant and modeling chocolate for the ruffles. I’m just starting to explore the world of modeling chocolate, but I gotta say that I’m loving it so far. I’m pretty sure you’re going to start seeing a lot more of my decorations done with this medium.

60th Wedding Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend we celebrated my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Yes, that’s right, 6-0! Almost all of their 8 children, 23 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren and spouses made it to the party. I have such a big family and don’t get to see them all very often so it was like our own little family reunion, too. Great food, fun games, the most gigantic slip and slide I’ve ever seen, drinks, music… we had it all. My cousin Gabe is photographer and took some amazing pictures of the event as well.

I got to make this 3 tier ivory and white cake for my grandparents. It’s spice cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. The lace is made out of a blend of modeling chocolate and my homemade fondant. My grandparents came from Switzerland and the edelweiss pin on the middle tier came from my mom and is a nod to their (and our) heritage.

I can only hope to celebrate my own 60th wedding anniversary about 50 years from now!

Black and White Dogwood

Black and White Dogwood

I did this cake for a small, low-key wedding over the weekend. It has buttercream frosting that I lightly textured on the sides. I decorated with black and white dogwoods made out of gumpaste, a few rolled roses and a fondant bow. I just LOVE the black and white look. It’s simple, but so striking. The inside is white velvet with raspberry filling. Delicious!

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cynthia's Baby Shower 1-28-13 (5)

For this yellow, gray and white themed baby shower I made 50 cupcakes decorated 5 different ways. Half the cupcakes were covered in fondant with either polka dots or layered flowers with button centers. The other half were frosted with buttercream. Some were topped with coins embossed with an “E”, some were topped with letters to spell out EMILY and the rest were piped to look like flowers with some sugar glitter and sugar pearls in the center. Half the cupcakes are red velvet and the other half are white velvet.

Baby Shower 1-28-13 (4)

Baby Shower 1-28-13 (3)

Wedding Fiesta!

Wedding Fiesta 1-27-13

I made this cake for my cousin and his wonderful fiance. They’ll be heading to Mexico to get married soon, so we had a  pre-wedding fiesta to celebrate with them. The inspiration for this cake is from a similar one at Congratulations Nick and Tara!