Happy 1st Birthday Jo!

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My beautiful niece turned 1 last month and my sister threw a super-cute rainbow themed birthday party for her. Awesome job as always 🙂 These cakes were just plain fun.


Nerf Birthday


Here are some cute Nerf cupcakes I did for a little boy’s 5th birthday. I just cutout fondant circles in different sizes and layered the other decorations on top. It was based on a photo sent by his mom, but unfortunately I don’t know who to credit for it. If you know, please feel free to add it to the comments!

Racing Fan


This birthday cake was decorated to show this guy’s love for racing. The car on top is a (sort of) replica of his very own race car. It’s fondant covered rice krispy treat. The top tier is black and white checkerboard with the chevy logo in front, and what racing themed cake is complete without flames? I’ve done flames in the past by layering yellow, orange and red fondant. It works, but it comes out looking kind of thick and heavy. I wanted these flames to be much more delicate. I chose a design that had very thin flames to start with, then used the template to hand-cut the design out of yellow fondant. After (VERY carefully) transferring the cut flames onto the cake (there may or may not have been swear words involved here), I hand painted layers of orange and red gel color onto the yellow fondant. I liked this look much better than layering different colors of fondant. I’ve really been enjoying hand painting cakes with icing color…….I definitely need to do more of that.


March Madness

It really has been caking madness around my house for the last month. The dishwasher has never been worked so hard. I haven’t even managed to find time to post the creations I’ve been working on all month. So here they all are in one giant picture post to prove that I have, in fact, been doing something around here.



Melissa's 40th

Geronimo Stilton

Morgan's 4th

Angry Trojan



Oops, Someone Got Old

Norm's 60th 1-8-15

My husband’s good friend celebrated his 60th birthday this month and like any true friend, he took the opportunity to poke fun at his age. Fans of SNL will remember the spoof commercial for “Oops I Crapped My Pants”. If you’ve never seen it, please look it up. It will make you laugh and brighten your day. This cake is a bag of “Oops I Crapped My Pants” adult diapers and I did my best to copy the actual product from the commercial. My husband gave me a whopping 3 days notice to pull this one off so there are details I wish I could have added (or done better)  if I’d had more time. Of course, I think that about almost every cake I do. There’s always more to add or fix or change, but eventually you just have to stop and EAT IT already! The cake was proudly delivered to his office for everyone to see and enjoy. He appreciated the humor and everyone got to enjoy a laugh and some good chocolate cake.

Super Heroes!


My boys were thrilled to see another Super Hero cake come through the kitchen a few weeks ago. This one is very similar to the Comic Cake I did a while back, but The Hulk was traded out for Superman this time. It’s all buttercream with fondant decorations. I got to try out my new letter and number cutters which worked great. I was especially happy with how smooth and sharp I was able to get the buttercream on this one. That’s one thing I’m constantly trying to improve. Especially getting those top edges sharp and level. There’s definitely still room for improvement, but this was one of the better results I’ve had. I did find that when I tried to run a hot scraper over the deeply colored buttercream the colors ran and I ended up with dark and light spots that I had to go back and fix. That’s something I’ll want to remember NOT to do next time. Overall, I’ll call this one a success.

Princess Elsa Birthday

When a friend asked for a Princess Elsa cake for her daugher’s birthday I immediately thought about doing another topper like the Little Mermaid Cake I did last year. If you want to know how it’s done, I explain the process in this post. They take a long time but I really enjoy working on them and seeing them come together. In doing Elsa, I found that the modern characters are so much harder to duplicate than the older ones because there is so much  more detail and color variation. Of course, the face is the hardest to get right, but I hope I did Elsa justice.

Princess Elsa

Chef’s Night Out

Chef's Night Out 6-21-14

Recently, my local United Way hosted an event called Chef’s Night Out that included a Dessert Auction. I always love the opportunity to help with fundraising events and decorating cakes has given me a great way to do that. This donated cake was White Velvet Raspberry with Champagne Buttercream. I wasn’t able to attend the event, but heard it was a very successful night. This cake also gave me a chance to practice this vertical ruffle, which I will be doing for another event this summer. Keep checking back for that!

Happy Birthday Grandma Alice!

Grandma's 80th 6-14-14 (2)

My grandma recently celebrated her 80th birthday so, of course, I had to bring a cake to the party. Being able to make something special and personal to help celebrate a special event is the greatest part about doing custom cakes. That is true whether I’m making a cake for family or complete strangers. But, of course, when it’s family it’s especially fun.

The dot design on this small 2 tier was much more time consuming than I anticipated. I thought “circles of dots…I’ll have that done in no time!”  Wrong. Partly this was because of my attempt to be frugal. I could have prepared a separate piping bag for each color and different tip size I used. Then I could have quickly grabbed different sizes as I worked my way around the cake. But instead I prepped a bag with each color and changed the tip on that same bag for each circle. This meant I was changing the tip about every 20 seconds. Not fun. The couple dollars I saved by using 7 less piping bags sounded good at the time, but was definitely not worth it. A lot of the time I spend on cakes could probably be cut down if I were willing to spend a little money on some time saving tools. I think we all forget sometimes how valuable our time is, no matter what we’re doing.

Happy birthday Grandma Alice! I’m so glad I was able to add something a little extra special to your day.

Simple Sunflowers



This 2 tier cake is decorated with textured buttercream in a horizontal swirl, modeling chocolate sunflowers and a simple, modeling chocolate border with embossed stitching. I think textured buttercream combined with very minimal decorations has such a nice effect. The pop of yellow from the sunflowers makes it feel just like summertime! Inside is Freckled Mocha with Chocolate Buttercream and Vanilla with Lemon.