March Madness

It really has been caking madness around my house for the last month. The dishwasher has never been worked so hard. I haven’t even managed to find time to post the creations I’ve been working on all month. So here they all are in one giant picture post to prove that I have, in fact, been doing something around here.



Melissa's 40th

Geronimo Stilton

Morgan's 4th

Angry Trojan




Halloween Baby Shower


If you’re going to have a baby shower  close to Halloween then why not just go all in? That’s what this mama-to-be did and I think her design turned out fantastic. The ghost is Rice Krispy Treat covered in fondant. The cake is orange chiffon with vanilla buttercream and modeling chocolate accents.

Oh Boy!


Oh Boy

Baby shower cakes always end up being some of the funnest projects I get to do. I’m typically given the theme and then the freedom to run with it. The hardest part might be deciding on a design. I had 3 or 4 different ideas for this project before finally settling on this design. I especially liked the block letters on this cake. It’s the first time I’ve done letters in this style, but I’ll definitely be using it again. Inside is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All of the brown decorations are made from modeling chocolate. All of the blue is fondant except for the gumpaste giraffe.

Baby Carriage and Polka Dots

Baby Shower 5-3-14

This sweet little baby shower cake was decorated to match to the party’s decorations. I got my hands on one of the napkins ahead of time and based the cake design on that. The carriage on top is made of rice krispies covered in fondant. For a little extra interest I also embossed the fondant on the cake board with a basket weave pattern.

2 Peas In A Pod

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (3)

My husband’s cousin and his wife recently became parents of twin boys. About 6 weeks before her due date we had talked about doing a cake on the babies’ actual birth date to celebrate the event. But 2 days later the boys had already arrived. So instead, the boys got to attend their own shower a few weeks later. The cake is frosted with buttercream and all of the decorations are hand made out of fondant. As I was searching for a template to make the name plate for the side of the cake, I ran across this  article from klickitatstreet on how to make your own using those cookie cutters we all have lying around our kitchen. If you ever find yourself wanting to make a custom cookie, or other edible shape, you should definitely check this out. It’s so simple it’s genius, and I keep wondering “Why didn’t I think of that!” I used this technique for my plaque and saved myself a bunch of time.

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (1)

Wyatt’s 1st Birthday

Wyatt's 1st Birthday 8-3-13
This 8″-6″-4″ tiered cake was done for my friend’s little boy, Wyatt, who turned 1 this past week. Some cakes are such a challenge for me to design. I spend a lot of time searching around for inspiration and sketching multiple drafts until I come up with a layout and color scheme I’m happy with. And then there are cakes, like this one, that I have almost completely designed in my head even before I hang up the phone with the client. Wyatt’s mom knew she wanted cars, light blue, white and red colors, and that she was not opposed to polka dots and stripes. As soon as we got off the phone I drew this cake. No single cake I’ve ever done has turned out exactly like I planned it out. Design changes are constantly made on the fly for one reason or another. I had to make small adjustments to this one as well, but not many. I LOVE when an idea comes so fast and I’m able to execute it just like I had pictured in my mind. That’s a small victory for me, and I hope that with time, it’s something that happenes more often.

This cake is vanilla with cookies and cream filling. It has buttercream frosting and a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate decorations. The “1” topper is made out of gumpaste. The 4″ tier on top was used as Wyatt’s smash cake. I can’t wait to see pictures of him enjoying his first birthday cake 🙂

Cute As A Button

Olivia's 1st bday 6-1-13 (1)

My little neice Livi turned 1 this weekend and her parents threw her a great party to celebrate. My sister designed this cake using the theme “Cute as a Button”. She knew she wanted a topsy turvy cake with lots of bright colors, lots of buttons and decorations that looked “stitched” on. After a little brainstorming, this is what we came up with and I think it was a big hit.

Here’s a short description of what I did. After frosting the cakes in buttercream I wrote out “Olivia”on tracing paper the size I wanted. Then I held it up to the small cake and used a pin to poke holes in the frosting to mark the design. Using the holes as a guide, I went over it purple royal icing to make little stitches. (If I had tried to just eyeball it the letters would never come out spaced and sized right). I used templates to cut out the clouds with an exacto knife and two different sized cutters for the flowers and leaves. The buttons were all made ahead of time by cutting out small circles, flowers and stars and poking holes using the end of a watercolor brush. I overlayed the flowers and button centers on the counter and then attached them all to the cake.  Once the flowers were on I added the stems, leaves, clouds and all of the buttons.  Royal icing was piped on for the stitches. The candle is two ropes of fondant twisted around a wooden skewer with a little marbled yellow and white shaped into a flame and stuck on top. The cake itself is white velvet with raspberry filling.

With 5 nephews and 2 boys of my own it’s so fun to do a “girl”cake once in a while. My sister came up with such a great design and I had so much fun creating it for her. Hopefully,  this is the first of many birthday cakes I get to do for her little girl.


Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cynthia's Baby Shower 1-28-13 (5)

For this yellow, gray and white themed baby shower I made 50 cupcakes decorated 5 different ways. Half the cupcakes were covered in fondant with either polka dots or layered flowers with button centers. The other half were frosted with buttercream. Some were topped with coins embossed with an “E”, some were topped with letters to spell out EMILY and the rest were piped to look like flowers with some sugar glitter and sugar pearls in the center. Half the cupcakes are red velvet and the other half are white velvet.

Baby Shower 1-28-13 (4)

Baby Shower 1-28-13 (3)

“Family Tree” Baby Shower Cake

This cake was made for my sister’s baby shower. The nest on top was used on her wedding cake with little bride and groom birds inside,  and it was so fun to be able to use it again in this way!

The bottom tier is white cake with raspberry filling and the top tier is freckled mocha cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse filling.