Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I’m so excited to share my custom cake design projects with you. I am a mostly self taught, home based cake decorator. I have an amazing husband and two young boys who are my biggest fans… or maybe they’ve just learned how to flatter me into giving them the extra pieces.

It’s my kids that first got me started on cake decorating. First it was a car, then Thomas the Tank Engine, an airplane, a train……and lots of practice, Craftsy classes and You Tube videos later here I am.

Finding a hobby that I’m passionate about and that I can get lost for hours in has been an amazing gift. No cake is the same, and each new project provides an opportunity to try something new or practice a technique that I have yet to master. I’m excited to share all of my new projects with you and look forward to seeing your comments and feedback. Thanks for joining me!


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  1. Hi there: I find your blog and I am impress, I am starting decorating cakes too, and I understand your passion. Good job, thank you for sharing your talent.May ask you what kind of buttercream do you use?

  2. Hi Claudia,
    I normally use an American Buttercream recipe that calls for half butter and half shortening. I’m starting to experiment a little with swiss meringue buttercream, but have only used it a couple times so far. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your projects!

  3. can you help ! I would love my sister in law to make a cake just like your honeycomb one for my wedding. except I cannot find a cutter that would cut the icing like this unless she individually cut the hexagons out….. can you tell me how you made yours?

    • Hi Vic, To make the honeycomb I used Jessica Harris ‘wax paper transfer method. I measured the circumference and height of each tier, then rolled out and cut a piece of fondant to that measurement on a cutting mat. I lightly coated the fondant in shortening, laid on a piece of wax paper cut to the same size and then flipped the whole thing over. At this point I used a small hexagon cutter to cut out the design, then lifted the whole piece up (an extra person is helpful here) on the wax paper and wrapped it around my frosted tier. Peel off the wax paper to reveal your amazing design 🙂 I hope that’s helpful! Good luck!

  4. Thank you so much! Do you mean to say you cut each hexagon out individually?! Gosh, i can imagine if i attempted the cake i would get them all evenly distributed and on the last line sneeze or something and cut down in the wrong place and ruin it all…i though perhaps you had a mat which cut out the majority of hexagons at the same time! My sis in laws gonna love me for picking a design like this hehe! Thanks.

  5. Yes I cut each one individually, but you might look around to see if you can find a cutter that will do multiples. There’s a chance it won’t come out exactly perfect at the end, but just make sure you put that seam in the back of the cake and cover any particularly bad spots with a bee or other decoration.

  6. Do you live in Eugene? If so, how much for an Autzen cake? It’ll be for a 9 year old’s birthday party, so not necessary to feed a ton of people. Thanks!!

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