Wedding Cake Replica


This cake was done for a 50th wedding anniversary and was a replication of the couple’s original wedding cake. The original was actually much bigger. It had another (very large) tier on the bottom that we left off, but otherwise I tried to stay as accurate as possible. It was a really fun project and I was so happy to make this cake for such a happy event.

The toughest part was trying to get a bell topper and curved lattice decorations since these are not commonly used on cakes anymore. I did find some wedding bell toppers, but none that looked like the picture I was trying to copy.┬áThe bells on this cake were originally attached to a giant heart covered in lace and ruffles. I basically tore it apart and then put it back together without all the extra “fluff”. The next challenge was the lattice. We assumed that the lattice in the original cake was made of plastic but, though I searched the internet high and low, I could not find anything like it. So I decided to make my own. This involved some royal icing stringwork and pvc pipe cut length-wise to use as a mold. My dad helped me cut the pipe, but please don’t ask how we did it. If you want a video on how to NOT safely cut pvc pipe, I think we probably made it.


Racing Fan


This birthday cake was decorated to show this guy’s love for racing. The car on top is a (sort of) replica of his very own race car. It’s fondant covered rice krispy treat. The top tier is black and white checkerboard with the chevy logo in front, and what racing themed cake is complete without flames? I’ve done flames in the past by layering yellow, orange and red fondant. It works, but it comes out looking kind of thick and heavy. I wanted these flames to be much more delicate. I chose a design that had very thin flames to start with, then used the template to hand-cut the design out of yellow fondant. After (VERY carefully) transferring the cut flames onto the cake (there may or may not have been swear words involved here), I hand painted layers of orange and red gel color onto the yellow fondant. I liked this look much better than layering different colors of fondant. I’ve really been enjoying hand painting cakes with icing color…….I definitely need to do more of that.