Oops, Someone Got Old

Norm's 60th 1-8-15

My husband’s good friend celebrated his 60th birthday this month and like any true friend, he took the opportunity to poke fun at his age. Fans of SNL will remember the spoof commercial for “Oops I Crapped My Pants”. If you’ve never seen it, please look it up. It will make you laugh and brighten your day. This cake is a bag of “Oops I Crapped My Pants” adult diapers and I did my best to copy the actual product from the commercial. My husband gave me a whopping 3 days notice to pull this one off so there are details I wish I could have added (or done better)  if I’d had more time. Of course, I think that about almost every cake I do. There’s always more to add or fix or change, but eventually you just have to stop and EAT IT already! The cake was proudly delivered to his office for everyone to see and enjoy. He appreciated the humor and everyone got to enjoy a laugh and some good chocolate cake.


Simple Natural November Wedding

simple, natural weddingI really love the natural, simple wedding themes that so many people are doing right now. That is exactly the style of wedding this cake was made for. The different textures on all the tiers really add interest and make it stand out. The top is covered in shredded coconut, the middle tier is piped roses and the bottom is textured buttercream. The burlap and twine on the borders add an additional layer of texture and a wood round base completes the look from top to bottom.