Happy Birthday Grandma Alice!

Grandma's 80th 6-14-14 (2)

My grandma recently celebrated her 80th birthday so, of course, I had to bring a cake to the party. Being able to make something special and personal to help celebrate a special event is the greatest part about doing custom cakes. That is true whether I’m making a cake for family or complete strangers. But, of course, when it’s family it’s especially fun.

The dot design on this small 2 tier was much more time consuming than I anticipated. I thought “circles of dots…I’ll have that done in no time!”  Wrong. Partly this was because of my attempt to be frugal. I could have prepared a separate piping bag for each color and different tip size I used. Then I could have quickly grabbed different sizes as I worked my way around the cake. But instead I prepped a bag with each color and changed the tip on that same bag for each circle. This meant I was changing the tip about every 20 seconds. Not fun. The couple dollars I saved by using 7 less piping bags sounded good at the time, but was definitely not worth it. A lot of the time I spend on cakes could probably be cut down if I were willing to spend a little money on some time saving tools. I think we all forget sometimes how valuable our time is, no matter what we’re doing.

Happy birthday Grandma Alice! I’m so glad I was able to add something a little extra special to your day.


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