Comic Cake

Super Heroes

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my boys as excited about a cake as they were about this one. Every once in a while one of them would peek in on my progress, his eyes would get big and he’d call for his brother to come “check it out!” They’re still so easily impressed, and yet it still made me feel good to hear their compliments. This birthday cake was done for a friend’s grandson. It fit right in with all the great superhero decorations and party favors, right down to the life-sized Spiderman balloon. It looked like they were going to have a great time.

The Hulk fist is my favorite part of this cake. It’s made out of a carved Rice Krispy Treat covered with fondant. I used a veining tool to make all the lines and creases. Luckily, one of my kids has a toy Hulk fist that made the perfect model. Overall, a very fun and successful project.



Super Heroes


Sweet Bee Honeycomb



Here’s the cake I did last weekend for an anniversary party. Each tier is a different cake flavor frosted smooth in buttercream. Once the buttercream was set and well chilled I spread on a shiny clear sugar glaze to give it the “sticky” look of real honeycomb. Then I cut wide bands of fondant to the fit the circumfrence and height of each tier. I used a small hexagon cutter to cut out the design and then wrapped the fondant around the tiers using Jessica Harris’s wax paper transfer method. Check out her class on if you’d like to learn more this. I spread a little more sugar glaze over the fondant for some texture. The bees are made out of dark modeling chocolate with melted white chocolate drizzled on top. The wings are made from gumpaste. A piped buttercream border finished off the look. Love, love, love this one!