Baseball Hats and Base

Brian & Matt's 30th 11-16-13 (3)

My sister’s boyfriend and his friend both celebrated their big 30th birthdays this month. Since they play softball together, a baseball themed cake was kind of a no-brainer. We went with a fondant covered “base”cake with gumpaste hats featuring the birthday boys’ first initials on the front and jersey numbers on the back.

To keep the cake from just looking like a white square with some lines on top. I carved out the top a little bit to give it some depth. I embossed the lines into the fondant and then brushed it with brown dust to make it look a little dirty.

As good as the base and hats turned out, it wouldn’t be complete without the board it’s sitting on. To make the “field”, I covered a large cake board with fondant, brushed it with piping gel and covered it with crushed graham crackers for the dirt. I used two wide rulers to mark out a “base line” and then sprinkled powdered sugar in the opening. Whenever I include a message on a cake, I try really hard to find a way to make it work with the overall design. I was really stumped on how to incorporate a “happy birthday” message on this one until the very last minute. I had pretty much decided to do without a message when I got the idea to stencil it on using powdered sugar like I did with the base line. To make the stencil, I printed the message in the size I wanted, then used an exacto knife to cut out the letters and numbers. I think it turned out awesome, and I’ll definitely use that idea again.


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