2 Peas In A Pod

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (3)

My husband’s cousin and his wife recently became parents of twin boys. About 6 weeks before her due date we had talked about doing a cake on the babies’ actual birth date to celebrate the event. But 2 days later the boys had already arrived. So instead, the boys got to attend their own shower a few weeks later. The cake is frosted with buttercream and all of the decorations are hand made out of fondant. As I was searching for a template to make the name plate for the side of the cake, I ran across this  article from klickitatstreet on how to make your own using those cookie cutters we all have lying around our kitchen. If you ever find yourself wanting to make a custom cookie, or other edible shape, you should definitely check this out. It’s so simple it’s genius, and I keep wondering “Why didn’t I think of that!” I used this technique for my plaque and saved myself a bunch of time.

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (1)


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