Ship At Sea



I had a couple weeks off last month and piles of extra cake in the freezer, so I thought it would be fun to let my kids help me with a little project. They ALWAYS want to help me decorate, but kid’s and good food hygiene don’t always mix. So I generally keep them out of the kitchen with vague promises of “maybe next time”. We weren’t going to eat this cake, but I did want to take a picture for this blog, so I wanted it to look nice. This was my big mistake. When my kids hear “decorate”, to them it means dumping on all manner of sprinkles until no blank space remains. They were a little disappointed that I kept tight control over what they were doing. I definitely learned a lesson here. Next time I tell them they can help decorate, I better really be prepared to just let them go crazy and not lay down too many rules.

All of the “waves”on this cake are made out of modeling chocolate. The boat is made out of fondant only because I didn’t have any modeling chocolate in the right colors. Super fast, super fun, super cute!


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