Little Mermaid Cake



This is the birthday cake I did for my cousin last week. She wanted “Little Mermaid” and sent me a picture of a gorgeous cake with a large 2 dimensional Ariel on top. I figured I could do the cake part, but I let her know that I didn’t think I could pull off Ariel… least something recognizable as Ariel! However, after a little internet research,  I came up with a new way of re-creating characters like this and I’m really happy with how it turned out. First I printed out a picture of the character I wanted, in the size I wanted. I rolled out a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste, laid my picture on top and poked holes with a pin around the perimeter. I removed the paper and cut out the shape with an exacto knife. This became my base that I laid all other pieces on. I continued the process for each different color in the picture and then pieced them together on top of my base and attached them with sugar glue. Finally, I drew in the details and outlined Ariel with an edible marker. All the other decorations are made from modeling chocolate. Happy Birthday Taylor!


“Spooky Fun” October Birthdays

Oct Birthday's at St. Joseph 10-21-13


October happens to be a busy month of birthdays for the teachers at my kids’ school. Last week they had a lunch to celebrate them all and I just had to sign up to bring dessert so I could try out this awesome witch cake. I got the idea from the Wilton website and then, as usual, made a few of my own tweaks. Both the witch’s dress and the cauldron are made of cake covered with black fondant. I used green gel color and green pearl dust for the potion brewing in the pot. I bought a doll pick and dyed her blond hair black with streaks of royal icing and covered her hands and face with green pearl dust.

2 Peas In A Pod

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (3)

My husband’s cousin and his wife recently became parents of twin boys. About 6 weeks before her due date we had talked about doing a cake on the babies’ actual birth date to celebrate the event. But 2 days later the boys had already arrived. So instead, the boys got to attend their own shower a few weeks later. The cake is frosted with buttercream and all of the decorations are hand made out of fondant. As I was searching for a template to make the name plate for the side of the cake, I ran across this  article from klickitatstreet on how to make your own using those cookie cutters we all have lying around our kitchen. If you ever find yourself wanting to make a custom cookie, or other edible shape, you should definitely check this out. It’s so simple it’s genius, and I keep wondering “Why didn’t I think of that!” I used this technique for my plaque and saved myself a bunch of time.

10-13-13 Lauren's Baby Shower (1)

Black and White Birthday for 3!

10-6-13 John's 50th, Ed and Mom's Birthday


My mom and two of her brothers have birthdays really close together, so I did this cake for their joint birthday party. One of the brothers turned 50 this year so I went with a black and white theme. My main fous was to just make it playful and not girly. I had some fun with the vertical stripes and made them all a little bit different. This was also my first time making Red Velvet cake from scratch. It turned out really well, but I think I’ll make sure to wear gloves next time and try to avoid dying my hands red 🙂

This cake is frosted in vanilla buttercream and all of the decorations are made out of fondant. For the topper I dipped floral wire in melted white chocolate and stuck black and white balls of fondant on top.

Ship At Sea



I had a couple weeks off last month and piles of extra cake in the freezer, so I thought it would be fun to let my kids help me with a little project. They ALWAYS want to help me decorate, but kid’s and good food hygiene don’t always mix. So I generally keep them out of the kitchen with vague promises of “maybe next time”. We weren’t going to eat this cake, but I did want to take a picture for this blog, so I wanted it to look nice. This was my big mistake. When my kids hear “decorate”, to them it means dumping on all manner of sprinkles until no blank space remains. They were a little disappointed that I kept tight control over what they were doing. I definitely learned a lesson here. Next time I tell them they can help decorate, I better really be prepared to just let them go crazy and not lay down too many rules.

All of the “waves”on this cake are made out of modeling chocolate. The boat is made out of fondant only because I didn’t have any modeling chocolate in the right colors. Super fast, super fun, super cute!

Monster Birthday!



This weekend’s project was a 3rd birthday cake for my friend’s son. The party theme was monster trucks so she sent me a picture of a cake similar to this one that she found online. After a few little changes, we ended up with this super fun design. Yes,  I know that’s not a monster truck on top of the cake. My friend was providing the truck, so for the sake of the photo I found the closest thing I could lying around the house. This is chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. All the decorations are done with my homemade fondant.