Wyatt’s 1st Birthday

Wyatt's 1st Birthday 8-3-13
This 8″-6″-4″ tiered cake was done for my friend’s little boy, Wyatt, who turned 1 this past week. Some cakes are such a challenge for me to design. I spend a lot of time searching around for inspiration and sketching multiple drafts until I come up with a layout and color scheme I’m happy with. And then there are cakes, like this one, that I have almost completely designed in my head even before I hang up the phone with the client. Wyatt’s mom knew she wanted cars, light blue, white and red colors, and that she was not opposed to polka dots and stripes. As soon as we got off the phone I drew this cake. No single cake I’ve ever done has turned out exactly like I planned it out. Design changes are constantly made on the fly for one reason or another. I had to make small adjustments to this one as well, but not many. I LOVE when an idea comes so fast and I’m able to execute it just like I had pictured in my mind. That’s a small victory for me, and I hope that with time, it’s something that happenes more often.

This cake is vanilla with cookies and cream filling. It has buttercream frosting and a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate decorations. The “1” topper is made out of gumpaste. The 4″ tier on top was used as Wyatt’s smash cake. I can’t wait to see pictures of him enjoying his first birthday cake 🙂


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