Cute As A Button

Olivia's 1st bday 6-1-13 (1)

My little neice Livi turned 1 this weekend and her parents threw her a great party to celebrate. My sister designed this cake using the theme “Cute as a Button”. She knew she wanted a topsy turvy cake with lots of bright colors, lots of buttons and decorations that looked “stitched” on. After a little brainstorming, this is what we came up with and I think it was a big hit.

Here’s a short description of what I did. After frosting the cakes in buttercream I wrote out “Olivia”on tracing paper the size I wanted. Then I held it up to the small cake and used a pin to poke holes in the frosting to mark the design. Using the holes as a guide, I went over it purple royal icing to make little stitches. (If I had tried to just eyeball it the letters would never come out spaced and sized right). I used templates to cut out the clouds with an exacto knife and two different sized cutters for the flowers and leaves. The buttons were all made ahead of time by cutting out small circles, flowers and stars and poking holes using the end of a watercolor brush. I overlayed the flowers and button centers on the counter and then attached them all to the cake.  Once the flowers were on I added the stems, leaves, clouds and all of the buttons.  Royal icing was piped on for the stitches. The candle is two ropes of fondant twisted around a wooden skewer with a little marbled yellow and white shaped into a flame and stuck on top. The cake itself is white velvet with raspberry filling.

With 5 nephews and 2 boys of my own it’s so fun to do a “girl”cake once in a while. My sister came up with such a great design and I had so much fun creating it for her. Hopefully,  this is the first of many birthday cakes I get to do for her little girl.



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