Baseball Cap

Tommy's 30th 5-5-13 (4)


This weekend we celebrated my brother’s 30th birthday. I’ve had this project in mind for quite a while and figured this would be a great opportunity to try it out. The idea is from Elisa Strauss’s book “The Confetti Cakes Cookbook”. I baked 3 8″round cake layers and then carved them into the shape of a hat. I took out some divots in the sides so the fondant would lay more like fabric on top. The bill is made out of a 50/50 fondant – gumpaste mix. I used a stitching tool for the detail on the bill and cap. The dimensions were a little off on this first attempt, but I know how to correct that now. Overall, a relatively quick, fun project that I’d love to do again.

Happy Birthday little  brother!

Tommy's 30th 5-5-13 (3)


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