Motorbike Tire Birthday Cake


My nephew is a hard core motorbike fan. I’m pretty sure this has been the theme of his birthday cakes for the last several years. I took the opportunity try my luck at making a cake shaped like a tire. I had to do some research to figure out the best way to do the treads. I ended up cutting out several small rectangles and attaching them to the crumb coated cake in the pattern I wanted. Then I covered it all with black fondant and used a modeling tool to go around each rectangle to get some definition. The center of the cake is covered with chocolate cake crumbles and a little “grass” piped with royal icing. The checkered flags and cake board were very time consuming, but so worth it for the finished product.

Around the rim of the tire I added 8 layered stars with holes in the center for the candles and embossed the birthday boy’s name with letter shaped cookie cutters (although this doesn’t show up very well in the picture).

I make my own fondant and this batch didn’t turn out the greatest. It was dry and kept cracking on me. Fortunately, since it was supposed to look like a rubber tire anyway, the little cracks and creases weren’t a big deal, but I’d love to give this one another try sometime.


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