Pink and Purple Princess

Pink and Purple Princess


I had so much fun making this pink and purple princess cake for my good friend’s twin girls. They were born a week after my son and every year I think about how quickly they’ve all grown. The days are long, but the years are so short!

Here’s the quick version of how I did it…

First, I covered the board she is sitting on with pink and white marbled fondant, then cut out the letters from fondant and coated them with white sugar sprinkles and attached them to the board. For the doll’s dress I baked 1 cake in a glass bowl and 2nd layer in an 8″round pan. I torted the white velvet cakes into 4 total layers, filled them with strawberry jam, then did some hand carving to get the shape I wanted. I frosted it nice and smooth with purple buttercream, then decorated it with little fondant flowers and some piped dots. I trimmed the dress with strips of white fondant coated with pastel sprinkles. There’s a sprinkle-coated fondant bow with ribbons trailing down the back of the dress, too, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to take a picture of the back. I made the bodice of the dress out of purple fondant and a tiara out of gumpaste painted gold with mix of vodka and gold lustre dust.

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah and Clara! I’m so glad I got to make this special cake for you!


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