Oops #1 – Buttercream Ruffle and Carnations

A couple weekends ago I made my first big mistake that couldn’t be fixed or covered up. I had just finished frosting both tiers of 2-tiered birthday cake when I realized I had used a different filling than the customer requested. Amazingly, about an hour after that major – Oh $#@!- moment, I found out that the party had been postponed for a week giving me plenty of time for a re-do. I’m guessing that lucky break used up all my good karma for a while, so I’ve been EXTRA careful lately.

Buttercream Ruffle (1) 2-4-13

Since I now had two perfectly good, undecorated cakes sitting on my counter, I decided to try out something new…. and then get them out of my house quickly so someone other than me would eat them! The ruffles on this cake are done with buttercream, which held up better than I expected. The gumpaste carnations were leftover from the Wedding Fiesta Cake I did last month. Ironically, those were also kind of an oops. They were supposed to be bright red, but the color faded in a few hours and didn’t match the cake colors anymore so I didn’t use them. But I thought they were perfect with the white ruffles. I think if you put this cake on a nice presentation board it would look great on it’s own, or as part of a tiered cake where the other tiers have a different design.

I’ll be doing another ruffle cake soon for a fundraising event. I’m going to try a bigger ruffle this time and see how that looks. Watch for that post in the next couple weeks and let me know which one you like better!

The second cake I did in a textured buttercream. Check back to see that post coming soon, too.


2 thoughts on “Oops #1 – Buttercream Ruffle and Carnations

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