Love my kid’s teachers!


I think this year marks the most I have ever acknowledged or celebrated Valentine’s Day. I’m stubborn about it and think that if you really love someone you should be finding ways to show it all year long and not feel the pressure to do something “big” on one day of the year. By the same token, I think it’s kind of silly to expect big gifts or date nights from someone else on Valentine’s Day. If we pay attention and appreciate the loving things they do for us all year round, do we really need over priced flowers or date nights on Valentine’s Day? I’m sure I’ve offended someone now so I’ll move on.

I do think Valentine’s Day can be a nice reminder to acknowledge the people we love. (And a good reminder to teach our kids this concept as well)  Especially, those we may not do a great job of appreciating throughout the year. Those people for me are my son’s preschool teachers. They are amazing! And that’s probably an understatement. As a stay-at-home mom of two boys under 5 it is beyond my comprehension why someone would actually want to spend half their day coralling 20 kids aged 3-5. But not only do these two women seem to like it, they’re able to construct a well-rounded, productive three hours for these unpredictable little balls of energy.

I’ve helped out in the class a few days this year and know first hand what an incredible accomplishment that is. You would think with that many kids against 2 teachers it would be glorified babysitting with a little education thrown in. But I can tell my son has really learned a lot this year, and I am grateful to them for making so much of the few hours a week he spends at school.

So this cake was made as a big, fat thank you to them and all the other teachers at my kid’s school, and my way of saying that I love them for what they do 🙂


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