Love The Beach


Beach Theme 2-7-13 (8) - Edited

Here’s a fun, quick project for a beach loving birthday girl. It is chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (a dangerous combination to have around my house). The cake is frosted in buttercream with some blue coloring around the bottom, some piped white coral and a piped rope border. The flowers, shells and starfish are all handmade out of fondant and a little sugar dust.

Beach Theme 2-7-13 (12) - Edited

The “sand” covered cake board was done by first covering the cake board in tan colored fondant. Then I rubbed some shortening around the edges and packed brown sugar into it to make it stick. Finally, I used a toothpick to draw words in the brown sugar, which you can see in the first and last pictures. I have to admit that decorating this cake while it was dark and rainy outside got me to start doing some early planning for a family trip to the beach this summer 🙂

Beach Theme 2-7-13 (1)


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