Christmas Cake Flashback

As I’m taking a week off from cake decorating to get ready for christmas next week, I thought I’d post a christmas themed cake I did last year. This was done for a school district whose colors just happen to be crimson and gray. I made the gray tier silver by mixing silver lustre dust with a little bit of vodka and painting the entire top tier. Then I used sugar pearls “glued” on with a little royal icing to make large snowflakes. The topper is my very first attempt at a gumpaste flower and is supposed to be reminiscent of a poinsettia.

When I look at this picture I have to laugh at myself a little bit. This cake shows my very early attempts at a lot of different things. My first reaction is, “wow, this is awful!” But honestly, I was actually quite proud of this cake at the time, and I still am. You can only get better by practicing and taking chances. With any craft, you’re not going to be great the first time. The challenge is just jumping in and trying things you’ve never done before, because that’s the only way you can get good at them. Sometimes, (well, actually a lot of times in my case) things don’t turn out as well as I hoped. But the great thing is that now I know how to do it better the next time. I’m glad I can look back at the pictures from a year ago and cringe a little bit. It just shows how far I’ve come in the last year, and I hope a year from now my cakes will have improved that much again.


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