Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario 12-9-12 (2)

I had a chance to try out some new techniques with this cake for the first time. First, the warp pipe is Rice Krispy treats that I molded to the shape I wanted then covered with fondant. I’ve been wanting to practice this because there are so many ways to use it to add another dimension to certain cakes. I’m looking forward to using this trick again…and doing it even better next time! Second, this is the first time I’ve tried to duplicate a character in fondant. I was pretty happy with my first attempt at Super Mario and most importantly, learned what I could do to make it even more accurate next time. This cake is iced with buttercream and I was so happy with how smooth I was able to get it and how sharp my edges turned out. I’ve improved so much on this from my first cakes and it just makes the finished product look so much more professional.

This is one of those cakes I could have spent 3 more hours adding details to. I had so much fun making the all the little characters I could have just kept on going, but sometimes you just have to make yourself quit. This is definitely a cake I would love to do again sometime.

Super Mario 12-9-12 (3)

Super Mario 12-9-12 (5)


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