Another “Vintage Luggage” Retirement Cake

I’m happy to say that my second attempt at a luggage cake was definitely an improvement on the original. It might be hard to tell in the pictures, but this one was just all around more polished and professional looking. I LOVED creating these “stickers”. They are all done free-hand using printed images for reference. My favorite is the Mt. Rainier label, although I have to admit I was pretty happy with how “The Chronicle” mast-head turned out. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling inside.


Twin Tents

When my friend asked me to make two separate cakes for her twin girl’s joint, camp themed birthday party I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had just seen a tutorial on how to create a tent shaped cake and knew it would be perfect. The girls each picked their favorite color for their own tent. I think the campground setting on the cake board really made this project special. So much better than just two tents set on two separate boards. The party itself was amazing. They had the kid’s roast hot dogs for lunch, then they all went on a “daddy-led” scavenger hunt. Each kid was given their own drawstring bag to hold their “treasures” and a walking stick with their named burned in it! Then they all crowded in a tent in the living room to open gifts. I was so impressed with the entire party and my own kids still talk about it!


Carved Spiral “Car” Cake

This was my first attempt at a carved spiral cake. I had wanted to try this technique for a while and when my son asked for a car cake for his birthday it was the perfect opportunity. I used fondant to create mile markers and placed them along the road ending in the number 4 which was, of course, how old he was turning. I definitely learned a lot with this project and will hopefully get another chance to try it again. I love trying out new things with my kid’s cakes because no matter how it turns out they always think it’s the greatest  thing ever!  

“Tee” Time

Here is a great cake for the golfer in your life. It’s a 12″ round with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling so it will really feed a crowd. Customize this design for golfers of any age by changing the number on the pin. This one, of course, was made for a 55th birthday. It is frosted with buttercream and decorated with fondant and buttercream. To create the dimples, let the icing crust and then dip a ball tool in powdered sugar and press into the surface.

It’s Graduation Time!

This year I had THREE cousins graduating from high school and was fortunate to be asked to make a separate cake for all of them. Haley and Macey had a party together and each designed their own cake. They are so different and yet I still can’t decide which is my favorite.

Joe’s cake was the very first 3 tier cake I’ve done. As always, it was so fun adding all of the custom decorations that make each cake so pesonal. I created the track and field symbol by using one of his team’s t-shirts as a template. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the fondant football and basketballs are textured using a real football and basketball.

“Vintage Luggage” Retirement Cake

This cake is such a fun way to celebrate someone’s retirement. The luggage labels could be places the person has been or places they hope to travel to in their new free time. This was my first attempt that this cake design and I was pretty happy with the result. I’m currently working on my second one and will be sure to post those pictures as well!

“Family Tree” Baby Shower Cake

This cake was made for my sister’s baby shower. The nest on top was used on her wedding cake with little bride and groom birds inside,  and it was so fun to be able to use it again in this way!

The bottom tier is white cake with raspberry filling and the top tier is freckled mocha cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse filling.